Navigation Menu did not show in some application pages

Feb 16, 2011 at 10:23 PM

I tried the solution, it is an excellent work! 

It works in most of the pages on a publishing site.  However, when I navigate to the site settings page (/_layputs/settings.aspx), users permission page(/_layouts/user.aspx), all site content page (/_layouts/viewlsts.aspx), the default navigation is back.  I have set both the default master page and the custom master page to my customized master page, and I can see all of the other customized components (other web parts, links, images, etc.) on these application pages.  So apparently it is using my customized master page.  But just the top navigation menu was reset to the default sharepoint menu.  Any idea what is the cause and how to fix it?


Aug 31, 2011 at 3:39 AM

Hopefully, you have already figured out the source of the problem. But I decided to respond in case anyone else runs into this issue, which would be the case if you followed the steps described to "Configure The Master Page" in the Documentation for this web part. 

The navigation menu web part is not available by design in a few application pages. Why? Because these pages override the content you placed within PlaceHolderTopNavBar! The solution is to hide PlaceHolderTopNavBar in your custom master and then place your navigation menu web part outside that content place holder. I was lucky to find Daniel Laksana's blog because I was facing the same issue until I found his post: